We know you have many questions about insect and rodent problems so we’ve posted some of the most commonly asked questions we hear throughout our visits to Vermont homes and businesses.

If you have a question that is not listed here, just fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to provide an answer to your question.

Q: How do I get rid of bees, wasps or hornets?

A: Removal of annoying bees, wasps or hornets can be a very dangerous undertaking.  We recommend not tackling this yourself as some species swarm and the venom of some stings can even be deadly to some. We are professionally trained in the safe removal of bees, wasps and hornet nests and we will avoid creating a dangerous situation for you and your family or business.

Q: I get mice in my summer camp despite all my efforts to control them.  What am I doing wrong?

A:  This is a very common problem in Vermont. Most efforts to contol mice result in short term gains, but don’t last.  Inspection of your property to identify and eliminate entry points goes a long way to reducing intrusion. We conduct a thorough inspection of your property, knowing where to find the most common entry points for mice and rodents, and map them for the homeowner or business owner.   Once identified, we make recommendations on closing these entry points along with implementing effective prevention and control programs.

Q:  I keep seeing giant ants with wings that seem to appear in my house out of nowhere. Are these termites?

A:  Most commonly, very large ants are not termites, they are carpenter ants. As you might assume by their size and name, they are quite destructive to wood and can cause real problems in your home. They need professional treatment to ensure the colony is completely destroyed to prevent any further damage. We have programs designed to eliminate current and future ant problems of all varieties.

Q:  I am really afraid of deer ticks and lyme disease and want to be sure my family is protected as best as possible. Is there any way to control deer ticks in my yard so my kids and dogs are safe?

A:  The fear of Lyme Disease has become fairly widespread in recent years and Vermont is no longer immune to the encroachment of infected deer ticks. In fact, there are now several effective ways to reduce the risk of ticks on lawns and gardens.  It takes a thorough spraying of lawns and ornamental plants and bushes with approved chemicals to control the tick population. Call us for more information.